I was sitting thinking about Halloween soundtracks. Songs that make you think of scary things or Halloween and I realized that I don't think that there are very many country songs about scary places or people. Turns out there are a few but I was surprised that the one or two I thought of didn't make both the lists I found online.

Alan Jackson's Midnight in Montgomery came to mind, along with Eric Church's Creepin'. were both on both lists. However Legend of Wooley Swamp only made the List from The Boot. I find that strange because that was the first song that came to my mind when I thought Country and Halloween.

Better Dig Two from the Band Perry made both lists and that was another tune I completely forgot about. The Billboard top 25 Halloween songs didn't contain any Country song at all. I found that hard to believe but apparently country and halloween are a rare pairing.

Marie Claire Published a list in 2014 that was a great party playlist and again no country song made the list. It is almost as if no country artist has really ever sung a spooky song. Of course in their defense it is an odd song theme, however with all the beer , truck and love lost songs in country you'd think we could get one creepy mystery tune. I am thinking Jason Aldean could take on this challenge. If not definitely Eric Church.

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