Growing up at my house there was no such thing as guacamole. We had avocados, just never guacamole. My Mom was even one of those people who would put the seed in the glass of water to let it grow and was actually pretty cool but never once did my Mom make or buy guacamole. All our avocados were served sliced on plate.

Now before you go thinking I grew up being denied guacamole I should set the story straight. It wasn't that my mom wouldn't let us have it she just wasn't going to make it or buy it. Her reasoning was, making it was complicated and if you buy it you'd have to eat it all because it turned to fast. So we only had guacamole at parties or other people's houses.

I never really cared about not eating guacamole until the first time I saw it prepared in front of me at a Mexican restaurant when I was in college. It was so cool. The black lava bowl and all the fresh ingredients. I watch in fascination thinking yeah my Mom was right this is complicated until it was done and I thought waiting a minute that wasn't hard at all.

So maybe you don't have the black lava bowl with matching pestle which makes it feel official but you can certainly use a bowl and a spoon. As for the ingredients that isn't really hard either. There are many ways to make guacamole but simply it is just avocado, tomatoes, some spices and little lime. All Recipes has a simple recipe anyone could follow.

Nowadays, I do buy guacamole. I do it so I have some ready on hand when I want it. The single-serve containers are fantastic to keep around. But lately, if I have time and the avocados are ripe I just make my own recipe. It is not traditional but people like it. One avocado, 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, a palm-full of fresh shallot and a tablespoon of fresh salsa, stir and eat. So simple my Mom might have even made it.

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