The most important thing for Thanksgiving is making sure your turkey is cooked. If you have purchased a frozen turkey you made need to start thinking about how you are going to thaw is as early as today. has broken it down based on three methods, refrigerator, cold water or microwave. The frig although convenient actually will take the longest. They estimate 24 hours for every 5 pounds of bird. So a 10-pound bird needs 2 days. That means if you have a 20-pound bird, get thawing. Cold water may be the way to go that takes about 30 minutes per pound so a 10-pound bird is thawed in roughly 5 hours. They have a handy chart if you need it just follow the web link.

Delish has also offered a colorful chart you might want to checkout. Theirs basically says that the 20-pound bird needs to be in the frig thawing now. Even though their frig method takes longer it seems their cold water method is a bit faster.

Whichever method you choose just make sure you get it thawed even if you have to combine a bit of both. By the time your "tom" turkey hits the oven, it needs to be completely thawed so that you are sure it gets cooked all the way through.

On a side note, I find the hardest part of thawing the frozen turkey is actually dealing with the frozen mass in the first place. It never fits in the freezer and then making room in the fridge is always a challenge. My Aunt Doris swears the only reason she keeps a fridge and a freezer in her garage is to store and thaw the Thanksgiving turkey and have a place for the leftovers.

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