What are the rules when it comes to buying wood in the Hudson Valley?

We got talking on the show this morning about how me and the family have moved into our new house a few months ago and in the new house we have a fireplace in one of the rooms.

Now, I have never had a fireplace before and had some wood buying questions.

First, can I buy wood in Ulster County and have it delivered to my house in Dutchess County? The answer? Yes. According to a bunch of phone calls this morning there is a 50 mile radius for wood buying. So you can buy wood from a place that is no more than 50 miles from your house, but you can not buy wood in another state and bring it into New York.

Second, how much does a cord of wood go for in the Hudson Valley? After a ton of calls from people all across the valley this morning, the average cost is anywhere from $175 to around $230 for a full cord of seasoned split wood.

We also heard that there are some rules about transporting the wood you buy and in New York the person you buy your wood from should give you documentation that includes the producer’s name, address, and firewood source. If they don't give it to you, just ask for it and if they can't you should find another source, according to Dontmovefirewood.org.

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