Another nationwide retailer has made the tough decision and announcement to close their retail locations. Do you even need to ask the question as to why they are closing their stores? Yes, you guessed correctly, the reason is Covid.

Godiva Chocolatiers announced that their retail boutiques will all close on March 31, 2021. The company announced that (at this time) the only stores that will be shuttering are the ones in North America, 11 in Canada, 117 in the United States and one in Puerto Rico.

Locally, there are chocolate boutiques at Woodbury Common, Central Valley, and White Plains (8 total locations in New York State). In New Jersey, there are also 8 stores, with the closest one in the Paramus Mall.

Never fear if you have a sweet tooth and need to occasionally get your hands (and stomachs) on some premium Godiva sweets as the retailer says that this closure is only effecting the retail stores. Godiva chocolates will still be available through their website as well as their sales in grocery stores, pharmacys, and other retail locations.

Do you have a favorite type of chocolate from Godiva? Have you ever recieved one of their precious gold boxes as a gift? According to their website,, a 19-piece collection of chocolates will cost $29.95 and a 36-piece collection will set you back $49.95.

If boxes of chocolate don't interest you, maybe their hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzles or coffee just might get your attention.

Where do you buy your chocolates? Or, gasp, are you not a chocolate fan? Maybe their are more people who are not fans of chocolate, which is one of the reasons Godiva is changing their business model in March 2021.

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