With gas prices as high as they are today if this happened to you, how would you handle it?

Pumping gas nowadays is one of the more expensive things we do on a weekly basis. Imagine for a second that you pull into a gas station in Poughkeepsie to fill up. You choose a pump, swipe your card, and pump away. Once your car or truck is full you notice that you were only charged 45 cents for each gallon of gas, would you say something to the cashier?

People in East Tennessee had to answer that question firsthand back about two weeks ago as a local gas was uncharging customers for every gallon of gas they sold for five hours. The average price for a gallon of premium gas in Tennessee is around $4.65 and after filling up his truck, with 12 gallons of gas he noticed that it only cost him a total of $5.64 according to WRGB.

After noticing he was undercharged he decided to go inside and tell the gas station owner about the mistake. Henry Dehart of Chattanooga wrote on Facebook back on April 14th that the discount would have been welcomed if it wasn't clearly a mistake.

The gas station owner had no idea that he was undercharging customers for every gallon of gas sold but when Dehart brought it to his attention the owner was on the verge of tears DeHart said, "There’s no telling how much money he lost today. He was on the verge of tears".

Dehart also added that all the customers that didn't say anything before him is frustrating, "What I find most frustrating about this is that this man with the guts to own a small business would get screwed over by people for half of the day. How many people this morning thought, it’s my lucky day, while this man was getting taken to the cleaners?"

If this happened to you would you do the same as DeHart?

He did pay the difference to the gas station owner to cover the mistake but did say that not everyone was happy that he brought the mistake to the attention of the owner saying, "a guy in line behind me actually got pissed at me." Would you be mad if you were next in line? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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