When the weather warms up and the sun comes out, one of my favorite things to do is enjoy a day drink or 2, responsibly of course.

As of late, I was getting pretty bored with my go-to options. Hard seltzers are great, but they all taste the same at this point. Beer and mixed drinks were just too much for me (once I hit 30, 2 of those would knock me out. Don't judge me).

Recently I've been hitting the Hudson Valley winery circuit and I've noticed a delicious trend: Frosé .

What's a Frosé  you ask?! Think those slushies you used to enjoy as a kid, but now mixed in with fruits and local Hudson Valley wine.

My friends and I started a little tradition recently where we would pick 1 night a month to have a day/night out at Nostrano Vineyards in Milton. We've been every month since February and they've offered a specialty Frosé  each time.

For instance, on St. Patrick's Day they had a Melon-Frosé  (it was green for the holiday, of course) with Lucky Charm marshmallows on top. GAME. CHANGER.

lucky charms

This past weekend (and last weekend too!) I made the trip to Milton and enjoyed the Strawberry Frosé , which included a mixture of their Nostrano Riesling and topped with  mint leaves. All I can think about was how relaxed I was, sitting in the sun, sipping on that refreshing Frosé . Quite frankly, it's the only thing getting me through this week.

Nostrano Vineyard isn't the only spot offering Frosé .  Weed Orchard in Marlboro also offers the frozen deliciousness.

Where are you getting your Frosé this summer in the Hudson Valley?

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