It's a long distance "Frolic Friday."

Every Friday we here at the CJ in the morning show we drag ourselves outside to do what we can to turn our frowns upside down.

I say it all the time, if life has you down and you want to turn things around, nothing will make you feel better than a good ole' fashioned frolic.

If you missed it, Jess is on a little mini vacation this week. She is enjoying some much needed down time in Austin, Texas and as she promised, she wasn't going to miss out on a Frolic Friday.

So here is our first attempt at a long distance frolic from Poughkeepsie, and all the way across the country to Austin, Texas....

DAMN! We didn't get any bats but we did get our first Texas frolic. Thanks Jess!!!

Want more "Frolic's?" Check out our friends from Orange County Choppers frolicking with the CJ in the morning show.

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