Its Friday and the perfect time for a good "Frolic".

Every Friday, Jess and I figure out some way to incorporate frolicking into our Fridays and with today be Saint Patrick's day we decided to frolic wear green for coffee.

Jess is live at Dunkin Donuts on route 9 in Hyde Park today (Friday) til 9 a.m. with 94 cent hot medium cups of coffee and we thought why not have Jess do a little frolic at the drive thru at Dunkin, take look....

I wonder what the people in the cars at the drive thru are thinking? LOL!!!!!

Nothing will turn a frown upside down like a good frolic, especially if your stuck at work today like us.

So go ahead and give it a try, put your arms down at your sides turn your hands out and just start skipping around wherever you are right now. I promise it will make your day better!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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