The big race is Sunday but the real race is happening now with "FROLIC FRIDAY."

It seems like the week just flew by and here we are getting ready for another frolic Friday.

Jess and I have been doing frolic Friday for over a year now and have pretty much run out of ideas as to what our theme each week should be. So instead of giving up we reached out to you guys and gals for suggestions and as always you did not disappoint.

We opened the phones on Thursday for suggestions, we got some great ones and decided to take Lisa's idea to frolic in celebration of the Daytona 500.

After a little discussion on the show I will be frolicking as Kevin Harvick and the 4 car and Jess will be frolicking for Dale Earnhardt Jr and the 88 car.

Who wins? Find out....

YES!!! The 4 car wins a close race.....We hope you enjoy the real Daytona 500 on Sunday on FOX!

Have a great weekend!

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