You may have to check the company handbook before you celebrate this National Day at your office. This Friday June 22nd is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Work places all over the Hudson Valley will be canine friendly on Friday to celebrate. It has become more common for people to bring their pets with them to work. Many offices and work spaces encourage the practice. There is a hashtag for the day - #NationalTakeYourDogToWorkDay which Pet Sitters International who made the day official in 1999 in the United States are hoping you will use. National Take YOur Dog to Work Day originated in the United Kingdom in 1996.

Of course you may want to discuss your workday with your dog before deciding to commit to celebrating this national day. In the case of my dog I think she be up for the car ride but would rather nap on the bed at home then hang in the studio with me all day. I think her response to me would be "no thanks, I'm good, you go on to work without me."

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