Dog Eats Forty Three and a Half SOCKS (PICTURES)
The owners of a three-year-old Great Dane in Portland, Oregon rushed their dog to an emergency animal hospital recently, because he was retching and throwing up all day.
And based on some X-rays, he had a severely distended stomach, filled with a large quantity of, quote, "foreign material.…
A Dog Tries to Make Up with Baby (VIDEO)
I think this just another great example of how smart dogs are. Here is the video of a Beagle stealing a baby's toy . . . and the baby starts crying. So the dog feels GUILTY, and covers the baby with other toys.
Is This Animal Cruelty?
Some guy named Dean Potter recently base jumped from a cliff in Switzerland in a wingsuit . . . with his dog strapped to his back. The Dog seems like its OK thru out. But some people say it qualifies as animal cruelty. What do you think?