With the last official weekend of summer in front of us chances are you will be spending the weekend enjoying a meal with friends. Backyard BBQ's, picnic lunches and stopping by a local winery or cider makers for a beverage and wood fire pizza could all be part of the plan. As you plan your food fun for this weekend I want you to keep something in mind. This Friday is National Food Bank Day.

National Food Bank Day became official in 2017 and is celebrated annually on the first Friday of the September. The purpose of the day is to bring awareness to the fact that their are people in our community that experience food insecurity on a regular basis. Not having enough food is more common than you think and may be as close as you next door neighbor.

Hopefully, this week while you are planning your Labor Day weekend BBQ's you can take a moment to go online to help our area food pantries that so many in our community depend on to help feed their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has put an extra strain on Hudson Valley Food Charities so help is needed more now than ever. An easy way to help is by making a donation online. One of the places you can do that which helps stock a lot of area food pantries is The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.


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