Wednesday night (4-10-19) at approximately 6:20 pm The Mid-Hudson bridge was back-up due to an over turned trailer. It appears that a dump style truck was towing a piece of heavy equipment on a flat bed trailer and must have had an issue navigating the turn off the west bound side of the bridge causing the load to shift and the trailer to turn over causing the equipment to land on it's side against the "jersey divider" that separates the East and West bound lanes.

The photo above was taken on from the East bound lanes just before the bridge. I was only able to establish that this must have just happen due to the fact that only few cars had started backing up on the bridge. Once I got to the Poughkeepsie side emergency vehicles were head to the bridge to assist.

It appeared no one was injured but this accident could take a while to clear.

As we get updates we will pass them along.

The latest from the Mid- Hudson bridge authority representative we spoke to at 8 pm is that they hope to have it cleared by 8:30pm.

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