Since the Orange County Fair is open in Middletown, I thought we’d go back and take a look at the Orange County Fair a long time ago.  Let’s pick a year, like 1978.  Dennis Furbush attended the fair and shot this film.  The film at the time shot on super 8 sound film, runs about 26 minutes.

In the film, you’ll see farm animals and 4H pavilion.  He said the helicopter ride was only $15, which he takes and films.  You get to see Middletown around the fairgrounds.   Elephant and Camel Rides are $0.75 and you can hop on a pony for $.060.

Then take a look about 8:38, some kids playing with snakes. Note the tube socks, pretty common at the time.  Then the snake, is getting comfortable wrapping his tale around the little boys neck.  Where is the snake handler?

Always cool to see old logos.  Check out the Pepsi logos around 17:35. Then check out the Budweiser bottles around 17:27.

Then who could forget the money at the end of the video.

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