A potentially rabid fisher reportedly attacked guests at the entrance to an upstate New York park.

This might sound like something out of a horror movie but to reports a few parkgoers preparing to make their way into the Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve on the morning of Wednesday, November 29, were attacked by a fisher that may be rabid.

The Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve in Queensbury, NY is full of twenty miles of trails that many from the area and beyond spend quiet time walking every day but according to News 10, the Preserve was anything but quiet Wednesday morning as it was the scene of two fisher attacks.

News 10 Video
News 10 Video

What Happened?

The two incidents are under investigation and according to the Director of Public Affairs for Warren County, Don Lehman, "A fisher, which is a member of the weasel family.

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Apparently, it went after several people and their dogs." The people involved in the attack contacted local authorities and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and State Department of Environmental Conservation arrived on the scene and began looking for the fisher and as they investigated one of the responders was also bit.

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News 10 Video
News 10 Video

Rabid Fisher in New York Park?

Responders did locate the fisher they thought was responsible for the attacks and took care of it according to Lehman, "They did manage to shoot the fisher. It is going to be taken to a pathology lab to be tested for rabies."

It's extremely important for testing to be done quickly so if it comes back positive for rabies those who were bit can receive the treatment needed. Rabies is a fatal disease that can only be prevented by a series of vaccinations according to Lehman, "That’s why even with any accidental contact with a wild animal that could have rabies, you should be seen by a doctor who will then determine what you should do."

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