Beer, food and sports while your taxes are being filed? Something tells me this is going to catch on and I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

Beer can make everything a little easier to get through. One bar in Wappingers Falls is bringing in an accountant for a night so you can enjoy yourself while your taxes are being filed.

Is it me or does it seem the days and months just seem to drag until all of a sudden we're hit with the sudden realization that things are moving right along whether we can notice it or not? It's hard to believe that it is almost that time once again. It's not everyone's favorite season but it's that necessary evil that every working adult experiences every year.

That's right. It's officially tax season. Have you gotten you W-2 yet? I sure did.


Who wants to sit in an office or on a boring Zoom call while your accountant goes over your expenses? Wouldn't you rather sit a at bar and have some beer or delicious food? AJ Cafe is getting creative. They will have a certified accountant working there and filing taxes on Feb. 18 starting at 6pm.

"Get your taxes done while you hang with us at AJs. Don’t lose out by filing with an online service. Our accountant will be hosting a tax night (and more if there’s enough interest). Pricing and how long it will take will vary. Send us a message to get more info and reserve your time."

AJ Cafe is located at 2557 South Ave in Wappingers Falls.

Nick Kessler
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If you need your taxes done but want a night out this is perfect for you.

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