What is making you "feel good"?

Every Friday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we try to look at all the positives in the day and most Friday's we need you guys to share your "feel goods" with us to really get us ready for the weekend.

If you have something that is making you feel good today, you can share it with us by calling or texting us through the Wolf app. Some of the feel goods we got this morning include a bunch of text messages....

Debbie texted, "My boss is going on vacation today for two weeks", Scotty texted, "I feel good because I do have to go to PT today", Kate said, "A delicious fresh bagel from Bagel Bakery in Monticello!"

My favorite feel good was called in from Staatsburg. If you missed it Olive called us to let us know that she is feeling good because today is her 90th birthday! So on behalf of all of us here at the Wolf, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE!!!!

Wanna share your feel good? Hit us up through the Wolf app NOW and have a great weekend.

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