Happy Friday ya'll!

If you weren't listening to the show yesterday or today, I (Jess) had some explaining to do. On Thursday I missed the show because I was in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, myself and the other driver are okay for the most part. Just some bumps, bruises and a terrifying experience to never forget. Anyway, I made it in to work this morning a bit sore but ready to get back to my normal routine. A normal routine for my Friday is participating in Frolic Friday, however today I'm sideline just to be safe.

CJ decided it would be an excellent idea to dedicate the Frolic to me and getting better. I have to tell you, it's definitely working. I can't stop laughing, I guess it's true that frolicking makes you feel better. Take a look at our Feel Better Frolic Friday (with a cameo from my tore up thumb, thank goodness for air bags) :


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