What are you doing for dad this year?

Just as a friendly reminder, don't forget that Fathers Day is coming up on Sunday. Have you thought about what your going to do for dad this year?

We mentioned on the CJ in the morning show today that in most families, Mother's day outshines Father's day and most dads are OK with that.

I saw somewhere that said that something like 70% of women and kids both admit that dads will get less of an acknowledgement on Sunday than moms did last month.

Most Dads aren't looking for a lot on Fathers day, most of us are happy with a little down time and some good food. For me the perfect daddy day would go start with sleeping past 7 a.m. and some good BBQ at some point in the day, that's it. I don't need flowers or a big fancy gift. Sleep and food!!!

What are getting dad this year? Of course there are the standard gifts like a tie, socks, a card, but if you are looking for something a little different this year for dad, here are some things dad might like that could be fun for everyone, maybe get him a pair of baseball gloves for you both to have a little catch or how about a GPS for the car, where you and the family could use it to plan a little road trip.

Just a couple of ideas that could be fun.

Happy Father's Day and if you missed it earlier in the week, here I am modeling my very own Dad look...


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