My favorite thing about the National Days Calendar is that they absolutely think of things I never thought of setting aside for a special day. For instance moldy cheese, yes there is a moldy cheese day and I don't think they are talking about the hunk of pepper jack you lost in the back of your frig. Get ready to celebrate moldy cheeses this week because National Moldy Cheese Day is Wednesday October 9th.

You are going to want to read the information on moldy cheese carefully. There are molds that are good and molds that are bad. According to National Days anything red or brown you want to steer clear from. They should go right to the garbage. However  there are molds that you want on your cheese. I happen to be a fan of the Blue Cheese.

Some cheese even have cute names to describe their mold. Fuzzy mold on a wheel of brie is called cat fur. Again according to National Days. I am not sure that I would want to eat anything called Cat Fur but I do love a good brie especially when it is wrapped in dough and baked to gooey goodness.

So whether you decide to go with a designer grill cheese or your just add some blue cheese to your salad Wednesday enjoy National Moldy Cheese day and if you pair it with a red wine you might actually be doing you teeth a favor. If you don't have any edible moldy cheese in your frig allow us to suggest a local Hudson Valley Cheese store where you can treat yourself to some.

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