We are in the heart of vacation season, but that is no reason to skip any of your favorite treats. I have a routine every morning that includes a cup of coffee.

Out of necessity, I have various places that I grab my coffee due to the fact that on any given morning I am often heading in four different directions. At the end of everyday I treat my self to a piece of dark chocolate. I use the term piece loosely.

Coffee cup and chocolate on old kitchen table
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ThinkStock

So why would I skip these life parentheses while I am enjoy some rest and relaxation? The fact is I don't. Before I head out on the road or take a vacation I plan my coffee stops and my chocolate supply.

How do I go about this? Easy, I prescout on google then I ask a local when I land. This technique has led me to good and bad coffee and on occasion, chocolate that tasted like it was left over from Halloween. But more times that not it has landed me great coffee and chocolate worth taking home in the luggage.

So where would you send someone visiting the Hudson Valley for coffee and great chocolate? Links to my favorite are below.



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