If you plan on shopping or traveling this holiday season, officials are warning us to watch where we plug our phones in.

We have all be there, your Christmas shopping at the mall and your running around spending all kinds of money and you look at your phone and your battery is at 1%. That's when the panic sets in, OMG what am I going to do? I can't survive without my phone!

After you calm down, you start to search to see if you have your charging wire with you. I never do so the next thing I try to do is find one of those charging kiosk type places that offer free charging and boom problem solved. Right? WRONG! Why?

According to the Sun Sentinel, there is something going on at those charging stations called "juice jacking", which is the latest cyber threat that puts any smart phone, tablet or computer plugged in at risk.

Here is how it works, you plug your phone in at one of those charging stations at some malls and airports and in as little as one minute, a virus can be transferred to our devices and then the virus begins sending out all of our sensitive data and passwords directly to the scammers.

Officials say the best way to avoid being "juice jacked" is to use your own charging cord to plug directly into an electrical outlet.

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