We all have those stories about going to certain houses as kids and it was a horrible experience for whatever reason.

Don't be THAT house.

I remember getting raisins, money, crackers, chips, fruit and dental floss in my trick or treating basket.  No.  Just no.

If you are going to give out raisins, crackers, chips, fruit, tic tacs or dental floss, just walk over to that little switch that turns the light on and flip it down.  Don''t torture kids with even coming to your house.  Chances are, you are that person that makes them actually tell you a joke, do a dance or something because it's "trick OR treat" after all.  Then, after they entertained you, you drop raisins in there?  Come on.

I will take back what I said about the money though because I know some people actually do throw in more than like $.10.  I remember one year there was like 5 houses that gave me money.  I got a grand total of $.62 and had to dig in my bag at the end of the night.  $.67?  What can I buy with that?  Maybe a half of a candy bar.  Oh, I see what was happening there.

Anyway, I'm speaking for all kids here but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that they would rather one small piece of candy than a box of raisins.

Happy Trick or Treating.

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