Everyone plays this in the car, right?

Anytime I'm driving around the Hudson Valley with my kids in the car it is always interesting. If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about. If they aren't fighting about the radio they are fighting with each other or they start asking the most random questions possible, you know the questions that have no real answer.

Anyway the other day we were driving on the Taconic and the kids were in the backseat not really doing anything when out of now where I hear "OUCH!!!!!, punch buggy blue." I look in the rear view mirror and my son Jackson had punched his sister Julianna in the arm after seeing a "punch buggy".

I was shocked! I couldn't believe that kids still play punch buggy. If you don't remember the game, it's simple, anytime you see a Volkswagen Beetle car you get a free punch on anyone that you are with.

The only problem with my kids playing the game was that when I asked Jackson where the bug was, he pointed to a car that wasn't a VW bug. LOL, it was a PT Cruiser from the 90's. I couldn't stop laughing!

So like any good Dad, I started to explain to both of them what a VW Bug looks like and like most things they didn't believe me so I had to Google a picture of one and both of them looked at me like I had 7 heads.

My son Jackson said he has never seen one of those cars before and thinks that we should just keep playing the way they have been. So from now on we will call it the "PT Punch Buggy." Feel free to play along with us on your next drive around the Hudson Valley.

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