When does your family open Christmas gifts?

We got talking on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about how a new survey says that most kids will wake up at 6:44 A.M. on Christmas morning, according to the Mirror.

Depending on your child's age will pretty much determine the time they wake up. They said that most young kids wake up earlier than older kids. If your house has only teenagers, you probably wont be woke up until after 7 A.M.

I think that's why when I was younger, my parents would put us to bed around 9 P.M. on Christmas Eve and then wake us up around 1-2 A.M. to open all of our gifts.

When does your family open up your Christmas gifts? Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Call the show or leave us a comment on Facebook.

The Mirror also talked about some of the reasons why kids can't sleep the night before Christmas. They said that most kids fall into one or all of these reasons...

1. They're just too excited to sleep.
2. They want to see Santa.
3. They want to see if his milk and cookies are gone.
4. They want to open their first gift.
5. They want to see Santa's reindeer.

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