Forget the Sunday Night Football intro. Cue up The X-Files theme song.

It's no secret that the Hudson Valley is a hot spot for alien activity. Pine Bush wasn't dubbed the Area 51 of the Northeast for no reason.

We know all about the UFO & Paranormal Museum, Cup and Saucer Diner, UFO Fair and of course, all the Orange County UFO sightings throughout the years. But did you know that Green Bay Packers quarterback, and all around superstar, Aaron Rodgers had his own Hudson Valley UFO experience?

While spiraling down a UFO video-rabbit-hole, I came across a video of Aaron Rodgers back in September of 2020, retelling a story about seeing a UFO with a former UC Berkeley teammate while visiting New Jersey.

A little more research unearths a story from The Times Herald Record in 2016. The former teammate that Rodgers had his UFO encounter with was Steve Levy. The Levy family has a home in Cornwall.

I guess over the years, and a few sacks here and there, Aaron has forgotten exactly where he was when he saw this unidentified flying object.

Levy told the Times Herald Record of the 2005 encounter:

“We started hearing this weird noise and we were like, ‘What the hell is that?; it’s 12:30-1 at night,’ ” Levy said. “We popped open the front door and we heard it, but it’s coming from the backyard. We go out to the backyard and before you know, within minutes we are in a daze because we are looking at something. It’s reddish, yellow, orange-ish and light, and it’s moving back and forth and peeking out of the clouds and going back.

Rodgers and Levy, naturally, ran around the house screaming after witnessing the UFO when, suddenly, the Cornwall home started to shake violently. Levy claims fighter jets flew over "chasing something."

Sounds like all the markings of an authentic Hudson Valley flying saucer sighting.

A UFO over Green Bay could be a huge distraction for Rodgers during the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Don't get any ideas...I'm looking at you Tom Brady.


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