You might have heard a great deal about how there is an unprecedented number of businesses that are looking for people to work, right? There are many businesses who have had to cut their hours here in the Hudson Valley because they just don't have enough people to give their customers 'good customer service.'

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Now, what would happen if you called 9-1-1 and the operator on the end of the phone line told you that they couldn't send police, EMT's or firefighters to your address because they had to close because they had no one to work?

Yeah, that would not go over well, especially with someone's life on the line. If you need to call Emergency Services, odds are it is an emergency. There are over 70 plus firehouses here in the Mid-Hudson Valley that are looking to have people join their teams.

What do you need to be a volunteer firefighter? First and foremost a desire to help your community. Then depending on which station house you are looking to join, there are other requirements, some ask for you to live within a certain amount of miles away, others ask for you to have a high school diploma and be able to pass a physical as well as a background check.

Have you already been thinking about it? Just know that fewer people have signed on to volunteer since COVID and your help would be greatly appreciated by most local towns, villages and cities.

There is a volunteer, firefighter, EMT job locator through the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) which makes it super easy to find out what your local firehouse needs, by clicking here. Thank you! It is really one of those times where you can make a difference.

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