You probably go throughout your day, not really thinking about fire safety much, but fire fighters think about it every minute of every day.  Recently I got a letter in the mail from my local fire department. In it, they shared a few things that they asked everyone to do to help them out.

These few things are fairly simple, you might even be doing them already. Why don't you double check to make sure everything is cool with you and the fire fighter?

What 5 things do Hudson Valley firefighters want you to do to make it easier for them?

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The first thing that the letter shared was that it is really helpful for your house number to be on your house and fairly large at least 4 inches high. 5 is even better. Fire fighters can't help you if they can't find you.

What should every person have in their home, for fire safety?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Having a fire extinguisher in your home, is that powerful first line of defense. When looking for a specific type of fire extinguisher get one that is for A, B, and C type fires. It is suggested that you have one in the kitchen and one in the garage. 

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What is legally required to be in your home in New York State?

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Firefighters and state law require you to have a smoke detector in your home, in fact one on each level of your home, and one outside the bedrooms. More info on how many smoke detectors you need in your home, click here. 

How else can you help out your local fire department?

Warwick, NY Fire Department
Warwick, NY Fire Department

You could volunteer. Yes, the first thing that you might think of is volunteering to help fight fires, but they also need volunteers to help with fund raising, projects around the fire house, and charity events. You could also make a monetary donation to help them, or support them through those charity events, Christmas tree purchases, and coin drops.

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Looking for a way to make a difference here in the Hudson Valley? You don't have to spend money, maybe just a few hours per week of your time. Here are a few ways:

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