Okay, we can put the brooms away now.

Yesterday, a tweet went viral about a broom standing on its own. The tweet stated that NASA had reported that you could stand a broom up by itself because of the gravitational pull. But it was only able to work on Monday, Feb. 10.

CNN is reporting, however, that the alleged information from NASA has not been found.

So what they're saying is that you can absolutely balance a broom to stand on its own any day and time of the year.

I'm learning also that if you don't have sharp, crisp, bristles, you will most definitely not be able to balance your broom. Apparently, if you do have a good broom, all you have to do is position said bristles like a tripod and B(r)OOM...magic.

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but let's move on to the next viral challenge.

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