CVS has responded to our inquiry regarding the long lines issues at many stores in New York state and their response is laughable!

If you've noticed much longer wait times at the CVS store you shop at you aren't alone. Just last week we told you about the store length lines every day at the CVS store on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, NY and when I first shared my experience I thought the store I went to was the only one dealing with the issue. Boy was I wrong!

Google maps/CJ
Google maps/CJ

Long Lines at Many CVS Stores in New York?

After writing about my own personal experience at CVS last week I asked anyone that read the story to let me know if they were dealing with anything similar to what I was dealing with. I thought I might get a few emails from shoppers but by no means did I think I would get as many emails as I did. As of today, I have received almost 100 emails from fellow shoppers at CVS who have also shared their issues with the lines at their CVS stores.

I've heard from folks all over the Hudson Valley who have also experienced major issues at the pharmacy at CVS including shoppers in Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Rhinebeck, and Kingston to name a few. Not only did we hear from folks in the Hudson Valley, but shoppers in Westchester, NYC, and as far as Long Island reached out to us to share their frustrations. Megan emailed us saying,

"I live in Nassau country Long Island and it is the saaammmee story here. Every single time I go in I wait. I shop at the one on Merritt's Road in Farmingdale."

CVS Responded to My Long Line Complaint...Sort of

Before publishing my CVS complaint I did go to their website and fill out a complaint form explaining my experience to give them the heads up and to see if they would respond. I filled out all of the required information including the store I had the issue with, my CVS card number, and all the other info they asked for. I hit submit and waited for a response. Two days later I received an email saying...

"Thank you for taking the time to write us about your recent experience at CVS Pharmacy on 51 Linden Street in Waltham, MA. At CVS Pharmacy we value feedback from our customers and your experience is very important to us.

We take the responsibility of serving your needs seriously. Please accept my apology for your recent experience at the pharmacy. I contacted the leadership team responsible for this CVS Pharmacy location and shared your feedback with them. We are committed to better serving the needs of our customers, and your feedback is an important part of that process. We value your business and look forward to serving you again soon.


Customer Relations Representative

Incident ID : S-9861729"

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Google Maps
Google Maps

Laughable Response From CVS

WOW! As much as I appreciate a response this one is laughable, right? Let's start with they couldn't even get the store I had a problem at right. I've never been to the store they mentioned!! It was in Poughkeepsie, NY!!! I went back to make sure I filled out the form correctly and I did. They didn't even say anything about my actual problem. I guess the long line issue at stores isn't the only issue CVS is dealing with nowadays!

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