The Holiday season is definitely closer than it appears. We are all wrapped up in the end of Summer, going back to work and school is what is on all of our minds. After all it has been a while for a lot of people so getting back into that routine will take a moment but don't take to long because the Holidays a fast approaching.

Scary faces of Halloween pumpkin isolated on black background

First Up Halloween

There are less than 53 days (Sept 7th, 2021) until Halloween depending on when you are reading this, do you have your costume picked out. Pumpkins have arrived to the grocery stores and it is only a matter of weeks before we are scrambling to pick up candy for trick or treaters.


Then You'll Need Plans for Thanksgiving

There is less then 80 days until Thanksgiving, depending on what you are planning to eat you may and how many people you are planning to host it could be time to stock the freezer. We don't have any reason to think that there will be a shortage of turkeys this year but planning a head could save you time. If you are fresh bird person you may want to order it soon.

Christmas tree glowing outdoors in the forest
Carson Ganci

And finally Christmas

Christmas which is just about 100 days away is one you really want to plan ahead for this year. As they do every year the news is talking shortages of the popular gifts. I have seen this to be the case with wants online at Amazon but why take the chance. Shop now.


The Promise of a New Year 2022

This Holiday I am really looking forward to. It happens to be 115 days (Sept 7, 2021) away. 2021 wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't the rebound we had all hope for after 2020 and the pandemic. It was about halfway through the year when I realize that some of 2021 was going to get bumped to 2022. I am okay with that but it only makes waiting harder.

Here's to hoping that the next few months pass quietly and ring in an awesome new year.

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