How important is your morning coffee? Mine is essential. Luckily I have a McDonald's on my way to work so I can drive right in a get a cup.

Today when I pulled up to the McDonalds in Highland in the Hannaford Shopping Plaza I thought it was strange that there was no line at the drive-thru. Of course, I wasn't complaining either but that has to be the reason I didn't even notice all the construction stuff all around the building. I really must be blind without enough caffeine in the morning.

McDonald's Under Construction in Highland, New York

When I was placing my order I noticed a sign that said they would be closed this afternoon for a computer upgrade. My immediate reaction was cool that means no one has to work when they could be trick or treating.


When I got to the window to pick up my coffee I noticed a completely new sign this one said that the lobby was closed. That's when I noticed in fact the lobby was closed and the girl in the drive-thru had a big tarp behind her.

Lobby Closed For a Month at Hudson Valley McDonald's

So being noisy I asked, wait you guys don't have a lobby right now? She answered, "Yep not until November 25th."

Apparently, they are redoing the whole interior of the store. They actually shut down the lobby yesterday. It will be drive-thru only at the Highland, New York McDonald's from now until the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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Selfishly I thought, great I will have to leave extra time in the Morning to get my coffee. Then I realized wait no one is here now so maybe all the construction will mean fewer people stopping there. I am hoping for the former instead of the latter I would hate for them to lose money. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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