It's not everyday that you get to just casually hangout with a country superstar, let alone your FAVORITE country star. But that dream became a reality for someone from our very state.

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Thomas Rhett posted to his Instagram to recap something he did for his "HomeTeam" which is the term he uses for his fanbase. The "Unforgettable" star references the joy he gets from doing shows, and how it's the fans that are the reason he gets to do what he loves everyday. In the video, it shows a group of 4 that got to experience a trip to Nashville to see Thomas Rhett's tour rehearsals before anybody else. And lucky enough, Carly from Connecticut was the lucky winner.

We reached out to Carly to hear about her experience and how the contest went down, and what it was like to hangout with her favorite country star for a day.

Carly starts with when she found out she won:

"I was at BJ’s with my mom and something in my head told me to check my email. I did not have service until I went outside to my car. I opened my email and the first thing I saw was an email titled 'Thomas Rhett Home Team Sweepstakes GRAND PRIZE WINNER' followed by 'Congratulations.' I started screaming and I ran around the parking lot like a crazy person. I got back in my car with tears streaming down my face, almost hyperventilating, where I showed my confused and concerned mother what I just read. I could not believe my eyes and I was in complete shock. From there, everything was arranged and it was all real."

After all was arranged, she brought her mom, sister and boyfriend, and they all flew down to Nashville for what was about to be one of the best days of their lives.

Carly highlighted so many different things about her special trip to Bridgestone Arena that day. Thomas Rhett's team showed her all of the behind-the-scenes of a tour, and what it's like backstage. Something that the everyday fan wouldn't necessarily see. She beams with excitement talking about how comfortable everyone made her feel and how cool it was to see things like lighting design, sound, pyro, etc.

Carly talked about the moment she met Thomas Rhett and what it was like:

"'Nice to meet you Carly, are you pumped to be here' is what he said to me. My favorite person in the world was just casually talking to me, I could not believe it. I introduced the rest of my family to him and we made some small talk before he left to get ready to perform. We were given the opportunity to eat some lunch at their buffet before the rehearsal began. As I was halfway through eating my lunch, Thomas Rhett walked into the room. He sat next to me and ate lunch with us for around 40 minutes. He asked me about myself and my family. I asked him about his wife, Lauren, and his 4 beautiful girls. He casually pulled out his phone and showed me pictures of them in his camera roll. I told him how I wanted to be a country singer and move to Nashville someday and he told me I should. He really didn't know me, he didn't know if I could even sing, but he encouraged me and hearing that changed my life."

When it was time for their own private concert, she relived what it was like:

"He left to get his earplugs and microphones set up and we went to our seats. He came over to me and I was given a setlist. He jokingly asked what songs he forgot to add and I told him he should play every song. It was not until the concert started that I realized I was seeing a private concert by my favorite artist. We sang, danced, laughed, and had the best time. He even let me sing a little of “Beer Can’t Fix” with him after I told him that Jon Pardi let me sing that with him at his Bridgeport, CT concert last fall. I even was able to grab some guitar picks from the show! After the show ended, Thomas Rhett came right over to us and asked how we liked it."

After talking, she referenced the experience as "the best day of her entire life and she will never forget it."

Wow Carly! We're all super jealous. You're living out so many of our dreams.

Stories like this bring us so much joy. It's a reason we love country music. Watching artists and their fans come together over something they are both so passionate about - the music.

Kudos to you, Thomas Rhett. Such a class act and easily one of the best in the business.

And congratulations Carly! We are so happy you were able to live out your dream and that you were able to bring a little Connecticut country down to Nashville!

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