Here is the recipe to make mom happier then she has ever been!

This is a "Mother's Day" home run!

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday May 12th and most people are scrambling for not only a gift, but a thoughtful gift for mom this year. Obviously you can't go wrong with flowers, jewelry and cards this year but I thought why not try to combine all of the popular things in to one great gift.

I was reading about how most moms love to get something that has sentimental value for Mother's Day, you know the stuff, the stuff we made when we were younger and still in school. The homemade cards, the clay coffee mugs and all of the macaroni things, just to name a few.

After talking about all this great stuff on the show today, I thought of a great mothers day idea that can pretty much combine all of these things. So we are going to call this the perfect, editable mother's day gift ever created.

Here is what your going to need to make your own:

Box or two of lasagna noodles (the flat ones)
cup of water
jar of tomato sauce
box of elbow macaroni (you can also use fuseli)
small zip lock bag

To make the gift, just take a few slabs of the lasagna macaroni and wet them on the edges and stick two or three together to make what should look like a card. Then take some elbow macaroni and wet them to use to spell out your message to Mom. Then put some sauce in the zip lock bag and stick to edge of card.

When you give the great creation to mom, just tell her to remove the zip lock bag from the card and drop the whole thing into some boiling water and BOOM, dinner is served.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure any of this will work and really don't suggest trying it but isn't it the thought that matters?

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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