No, the glasses are not new. The fact that I have to wear them all the time is.

I have had glasses for driving for over 10 years and have now realized that I need to wear them all the time. How did I come to this great revelation? I was trying to watch TV at home and couldn't read the guide from my couch.

Yes, old age is coming. And if you missed it on the Wakin' Up With CJ and Jess show this morning, I wore my glasses in studio for the first time in a really long time and I wanted to know what you guys thought about the new look.

We went Facebook live this morning to show them off....

What do you think? Do the glasses work for me? Jess said numerous times today that when I wear them, she trusts me more than when I don't have them on. She also called me a NERD a few times, and I'm the bully....LOL!

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