We think we have the "Mystery" figured out.

Earlier this week we told you about the new contest that Oreo is doing with their "Mystery" Oreo. If you can identify the mystery flavor you could win $50,000, so we had to except the cookie challenge.

After searching Hi and Low for the Oreo's and causing quite the stir in the Hudson Valley, with the help of Jess and our now good friend Amber at ShopRite we got some of these bad boys and did a little taste test to figure out what the flavor is.....

After we did this video I ate another 2 or 3 and now think I want to change my answer. I think the flavor could be something like a creamsicle or after eating another one it could be Fruit Loops, UGH I am so confused.

Have you tried the Mystrery Oreo's yet? What flavor do you think they are? Give us your guess on Facebook.
I'm hoping that they announce the actual flavor sooner than later because stuff like this will drive me nuts! LOL.

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