I am all for trying out something new and if you add the chance to win $50,000, I am definitely in.

The people over at Oreo announced earlier this year that they were going to release the "Mystery" cookies and wanted to add a little extra stuffing to the creme stuffed cookie with a chance at some free cash! See what I did there? Sorry, I am the worst.

Anyway, if you are a fan of Oreo cookies and think you can figure out what the new "Mystery" flavor is you could win some serious cash, $50,000, according to Food and Wine.

I haven't seen the cookies on store shelves yet, but I plan on making a few stops on my way home today in search of finding the mystery Oreo's and I'll make sure to capture my cookie hunt on video for your viewing pleasure. The cookies come in a white package with "Mystery" Oreo on it.

If I find them, I'll bring them in tomorrow morning and Jess and I will do a little tasting on the show to see if we can figure out what the flavor is.

The people at Food & Wine tried the cookies and have said that they think the mystery flavor is either Fruity Pebbles or cereal milk.

If you have tried the Oreo's, what flavor do you think they are? Let us know and if you want to enter the contest to win the cash, check out their website and good luck!

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