It is time.

It feels like the season just started, however the NFL season will come to an end this Sunday with Super Bowl LI. If you're part of the 31% not watching the game, the New England Patriots are taking on the Atlanta Falcons. CJ and myself are not fans of either team. I'm a diehard Giants fan and CJ likes the Cowgirls Cowboys. We were nervous that we weren't going to have anything to wager on, because if you know know we find any reason to bet against each other and make the other look stupid.

When there is a will, there's a way. After some research, I found that in Las Vegas they're taking bets on the length of time it takes Luke Bryan to sing the National Anthem. Following a coin flip, CJ was given the over and I took the under. According to a few reports, the average length of a Luke Bryan National Anthem performance is 2 minutes and 7 seconds. If Lukes' performance is 2.8 seconds CJ wins, 2.6 I win.

Find out what to expect from the loser on Monday morning below.

With that being said...Go Falcons!

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