To be honest, I'm not too excited about the Super Bowl this Sunday.

It's not just because the New York Football Giants aren't playing. But two of our biggest rivals are playing each other, making it impossible for me to pick a side.

All I'm looking forward to is Pink singing the National Anthem and Justin Timberlake (hopefully with special guests ::cough:: NSYNC/Chris Stapleton::cough::) kill it during the Halftime Show.

With that being said, we obviously have to pick a team to cheer for at one point or another. And what better way to get our answer than putting our faith in our favorite marshmallow treat., Peeps.

Peep Jousting is a real thing.

You put two Peeps in the microwave, then put toothpicks in each peep. Start the microwave and the first Peep to poke the other is the winner.

And that is exactly what we did.


I didn't really think it through and shouldn't have put 20 minutes on the clock (thanks, CJ).

According to the mighty Peeps, the New England Patriots will get the W. Who are you cheering for this weekend?

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