Lets just add this to the list of things that make women the fairer sex.

I was scrolling through the Tic Tok app (listen, I'm 30 now I need to stay hip and cool) and came across a challenge that blew my mind.

It's called the #ChairChallenge and it looked pretty simple. You bend over, put the top of your head on the wall and make like a bridge over a chair. Then, you pick up said chair, remove your head from the wall and stand up. Simple.

However, many #ChairChallenge videos show that only women can actually complete the challenge. The men struggled trying to even pick up the chair.

Naturally here at the Wolf, we had to give it a go.

Me and CJ took to Facebook live to take part in the viral challenge. Take a look:

We've received a few messages about why women are able to shine with the #ChairChallenge. Some theories say that it's because we have an extra rib, while others say it's because we have an extra muscle for having babies.

Who knows?! Take the #ChairChallenge and let us know your results.

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