Nothing say happy Cinco De Mayo than some mayonnaise.

If you missed it on the CJ in the morning show this morning, we thought it would be a good idea to have a little Cinco de Mayo fun with some Strawberita and some classic Hellmans mayo.

We played "Stump the Chump" were someone has to call in with an actor or actress that's been in at least 3 movies and after they pick who they want to platy against (Me or Jess) they give us the actor and we have 30 seconds to name 3 movies they have been in. If they (Me or Jess) can do it the other person has to eat a huge scoop of mayo, winner gets the tall boy Strawberita.

Stephanie called in and picked, to my delight, Jess to play against. Things didn't quite go as I planned as Stephanie gave Jess the actor Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS!! How easy is that...Jess named 3 movies and I payed off the bet....

My stomach still hurts and thank goodness the spit up mayo didn't leave a stain on the bosses office floor. LOL

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