This is why you're supposed to leave the pie on the window sill. Don't make them come into your house and look for it because they just might.

This video may just give you goosebumps.

The Hudson Valley is filled with all kinds of pests. Most of them are small insects like ticks, bees and roaches. They can also be furry raccoons, skunks and opossums. Some neighborhoods in the Hudson Valley literally have bigger problems.

I have yet to see a black bear in the wild. Maybe that's a good thing because this thing's paw is as big as my head.

Bear sightings are being reported more and more in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Most of them are caught on Ring cameras and trail cams. However, not all of these sightings are happening in rural areas. Just a few weeks ago a bear was spotted at an IKEA parking lot in New Jersey.

One Hudson Valley resident got quite the surprise over the weekend when she saw a massive black bear peering into her window.

Imagine just chilling inside your home only peek outside only to find the big bear leaning on your glass window. According to Bear With Us, the average adult black bear can weigh up to 500 pounds and the average female can weigh over 300 pounds. It's astonishing that it didn't break through the glass.

Once the bear was spotted and the homeowner snapped out of the initial shock, she yelled at a child in the home to make sure they were inside. Watch the video below.

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