A tale of survival is how the professionals are describing "Lost in The Mountains of Main" a film shooting in Ulster County this July.

It should come as no surprise, but there are a ton of projects filming across the Hudson Valley this summer. If you've been looking to scratch that acting itch the summer of 2022 is the perfect time to do it.

For the last few weeks casting calls have been coming in hot. From retirement-aged extras for Peacock's 'Poker Face' to casting calls for children actors for an animated series by a local filmmaker.

There are casting calls for everyone in the family!

You can add another casting call for the kids on the list. A film called 'Lost in The Mountains of Maine' is looking for a few specific roles for filming this July. Here is the criteria as reported by Hudson Valley Casting:

Actor to play TOMMY: 9-11 years old, caucasian, FEATURED BG
between 4'7 and 4'11"
GIRL to play PATSY: 6-8 years old, caucasian, FEATURED BG
Between 4' and 4'6"
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Hudson Valley Film commission reports that 'Lost in the Mountains of Maine' is also looking for day players and background actors to play the following roles:
• Hospital Visitors, Doctors, Nurses, Journalists, Families, Children, and other characters from 1939
• Production also needs Men for Search Party. Need rugged men who can hike and be outdoors for long hours.
There are some requirements to casting these background actors for the production as it is set in 1939. Casting asks that men should be willing to cut and trim their hair in a 1939 style, women will need to have shoulder-length hair. Additionally, no one will be cast with visible tattoos or micro-bladed eyebrows.
For more details on casting for Lost in the Mountains of Maine and other opportunities follow Hudson Valley Casting and Hudson Valley Film Commission on social media.

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