Central Hudson took home an award this week for innovation and meaningful impacts.

Central Hudson Awarded Most Innovative at Recent Conference

Staff from Central Hudson was on hand at DISTRIBUTECH International, a conference showcasing  "cutting-edge technologies that power" homes and businesses.

The Hudson Valley-based utility received an award for Most Innovative Utility of the Month by InnovationForce according to the Central Hudson Facebook page.

They explain that the award recognizes "utilities for making meaningful impacts, demonstrating commitment to innovation, and understanding the value of collaboration." Central Hudson has been using the Innovation Works platform "to engage more than 50 subject matter experts who worked together and prioritized more than 170 use case ideas in a matter of weeks."

Director of Research & Development and Innovation at Central Hudson, Chris Gilbert, was on hand to receive the award and joined the Utilities' Role in the Startup Ecosystem," panel while at the conference which was held in Texas this year.

Central Hudson Customers Boo Latest Utility Award

When news spread that Central Hudson received an award for Most Innovative, many Hudson Valley residents weren't sharing their joy for the company's win.

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Instead, they took to social media to voice their growing frustrations.

One Central Hudson customer wrote under the award-winning post:

This is so offensive on so many levels! They just raised my monthly budget rate to almost $600 for my average size single family home! They do not care about anything except their CEO n shareholders getting rich off the rest of us. And they are still trying to raise our rates through everyone they know in Albany. Horrible monopoly!

Central Hudson has been a hot topic lately as customers have issues with the utility billing system and receive larger than normal bills.

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Hudson Valley Post reported in October 2023 that the utility is requesting that the New York Public Service Commission approve a 19-percent increase for gas and a 16-percent hike for electricity.

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