If you hate those pesky summer flies, this is a must have and it's REAL!

I cant believe it took me until now to realize that something like this actually exists.

If you are like me and every once and a while you get that annoying bug in the house or the one bug that wont leave you alone while your trying to relax outside, have a got a solution for you.

It's called the Bug-A-Salt. It looks just like a Nerf gun.


Here is how it works, you basically just add regular table salt to the gun, cock it, take the safety off, locate your target with the pop up sight and BOOM, shoot away and you should successfully take out that annoying bug in a non toxic safe way.

Here is a great demonstration on how this bad boy works....

If your like me and have to have one and you want more info all you have to do is check out Bug-A-Salt.

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