There's no shortage of wineries here in the Hudson Valley, each one bringing their own unique feel to the wine scene.  We are so lucky to live in the region that is home to America's Oldest Winery, and they just announced that a fan-favorite event (for all ages) is back - let's get ready to stomp some grapes!

Grape Stomping at Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville

How does stomping out some of your stress in a giant barrel of grapes sound?  Good, I hope, because Brotherhood Winery has announced they have released the dates for this year's Grape Stomp event, and they're rolling out some new fun to the weekly event.

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This is a FREE event that is open to the entire family, all ages and will include music, food, and definitely drinks.  In addition to the delicious wine, Brotherhood shared that 1849 Restaurant and Bar will also have delicious food and drinks for sale on site.

Grape Stomp will take place each weekend beginning September 10th through October 16th, both Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 5pm.  This year, they're taking things to a new level, literally, with a brand new stomping stage and authentic wine barrels for you to hop in.  You'll be able to put your stomping team together and compete for special prizes, too.

Ready, Set, Stomp! How Does The Grape Stomp Competition Work?

In order to participate in the stomp, you'll need to submit your name to their raffle drum when you arrive on site at the winery.  Three teams per hour will compete and will be chosen at random, using the raffle drum, before each stomp.  When it's go time, three teams, each consisting of two people, will compete to see who can yield the most wine, er, grape juice, in the allotted three-minute time period.
There are two roles on each team, the stomper, who will get down and dirty with the grapes, and the mucker, who will collect the grape juice in a container as it leaves the barrel through a pipe. Whichever team collects the most juice will win a special prize!
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So, if you're not really into the idea of grapes all up between your toes leave the stomping to someone else, and come up with your game plan for being the best mucker the Hudson Valley has ever seen, and get ready to enjoy the sights, and squishing sounds of the Hudson Valley this fall at a Grape Stomp!

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