Just about all of us will be enjoying some type of holiday meal this weekend. On Friday evening the Jewish community will begin celebrating Passover. On Sunday people of the Christian faith will celebrate Easter. And for those of us who are lucky enough to know people of both faith's we will get to enjoy all of it.

One thing is for sure no matter what or where you are eating this weekend, eggs are bound to be on the menu is some shape or fashion. So what adult beverage goes best with eggs? My choices are listed below but for an experts opinion you might what to check with Chowhound and Delish with the links below.

Angry Orchard - made with rare, red flesh apple from France the Angry Orchard Rose Cider pairs well with Easter Eggs and Eggs Salad.

Black Dirt Distillery - Mixed with your favorite Prosecco Black Dirt Apple Jack is a refreshing glass of bubbly fun alongside any quiche or benedict. (Looking to sample this out I recommend Garvan's Gastropub Apple Bob)

Brotherhood Winery - My go to favorite is the Pinot Noir which will pair perfectly with heartier egg dishes like Spanish Omelettes or pickled eggs.

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