What's the big one that you remember?

Anytime the forecast is for a large amount of snow, we all have that one person that brings up a big storm from way back when. Usually, the conversation goes like this:

ME: "man we are going to get a ton of snow"

FRIEND: "Yeah but nothing like back in......."

Well the forecast is saying that we are going to hit pretty hard by another Nor'Easter, which they are calling, winter storm Quinn.

According to Weather.com there is a winter storm warning in effect from 7 A.M. Wednesday until Thursday at 7 A.M. with anywhere from 6-24 inches of snow possible, depending on where you are here in the Hudson Valley.

If you think about it, what is the biggest snowstorm you can remember? I remember last year we had a really bad one, I think in December, when we got almost 2 feet of snow. It was the first time I ever missed the show because I couldn't drive in.

What's storm do you remember? Let us know on Facebook and be listening for your comments on the air or call the show at 845-473-9431.

Please be careful if you have to go out today.

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