This could be a sign that the world is coming to an end!!! Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, and Taylor Swift are all in the running to be "Time" magazine's Person of the Year. And you can actually vote for them on until December 6th.

Obviously, there are more serious candidates, like . . .

. . . President Obama, Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis . . . the Presidents of Indonesia, China, Turkey, Brazil, and Iran . . .
and the Prime Ministers of Israel and India.

. . . anti-Taliban activist Malala Yousafzai

. . . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

. . . CDC director Tim Frieden, and all the health care workers fighting ebola.

. . . The guys who started the Ice Bucket Challenge . . . Pete Frates and Pat Quinn.

. . . Openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the CEOs of Netflix, Amazon, and Uber.

. . . Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton

. . . Governor Rick Perry, and senators Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Elizabeth Warren, and Ted Cruz.

. . . "Ferguson Protesters" . . . and, of course, Kanye West. (???)

There are more than four dozen candidates overall. And if you're afraid that fans of one of these celebrities will stuff the ballot box, don't be. Regardless of the outcome of the online vote, "Time's" editors actually pick the Person of the Year.

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